Today I would like to share with you my favourite outfits for this kind of Tuesdays.
In Argentina, we are in winter but this is a special day. The cold isn't unbearable, with just a jacket or a sweater we can wonder through the city streets comfortably.



What I love the most about winter? The clothes I can wear, the layers and the dark colours.
Today, I'd like to share with you my first saturday look. It's quite simple and combines my favourite pieces of all time.



I decided to take a break from fashion blogs since my winter holidays started. I had the need of resting which sometimes is essencial. But, as I thought I would, I couldn't stay away from Tumblr. I'm glad I didn't because now it is totally renewed and you can see it is more beautiful than ever (Mary's Return).

The amazing pictures I found is unbelievable! This is the reason I decided to return with an inspirational post. All of these photos relax me, and that is the common denominator.

Relaxation is what reflects each image that follows. The black and whites, the shades of blue (my beloved colour), the cleanness and freedom they transmit is what enchanted me.

I admit it was a difficult selection, but the ones that I left out can be enjoyed in my Tumblr. I hope you like it: